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Course Description

Welcome to "React Fundamentals," a comprehensive course designed to empower you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to become proficient in React, the JavaScript library for building user interfaces. This course is structured to guide you through the core concepts and best practices, providing a solid foundation for your React journey. 

Course Description

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Couse Outline

Module 1: Introduction to React 
  • Overview of React and its evolution over time. 
  • Explanation of React's virtual DOM and its advantages. 
  • Key milestones and versions in React's development. 
  • Highlight shift from class to function components and hooks, and mention differences between CSR and SSR. 
Module 2: Introduction to JSX 
  • Explanation of JSX, its syntax, and role in React. 
  • Converting HTML snippets to JSX. 
  • Embedding JavaScript expressions in JSX. 
Module 3: Building React Components 
  • Definition and role of components in a React application. 
  • Creating functional components. 
  • Comparison between functional and class components 
Module 4: Passing Props 
  • Mapping the idea of function arguments to component props. 
  • Using strings vs. other object types as props. 
  • Passing functions as callbacks to child components. 
Module 5: Styling in React 
  • Basics of Inline Styles 
  • Importing and Using CSS Files 
  • Introduction to CSS Modules 
Module 6: State Management in React 
  • Concept of State in React 
  • Using the useState Hook 
  • Managing Refs with useRef 
  • State Sharing Between Components 
  • React's State Management Best Practices 
Module 7: React Lifecycle and Effects 
  • Overview of the React component lifecycle. 
  • Using the useEffect hook for side effects and data fetching. 
Module 8: Handling User Inputs and Forms 
  • Creating interactive forms and managing form state. 
  • Implementing dependent inputs and form handling techniques. 
  • Validation and feedback mechanisms for user input. 
Module 9: Routing in React 
  • Understanding React Router 
  • Basic Routing Concepts 
  • Implementing Navigation 
Module 10: Making HTTP Requests 
  • Fetching data from APIs using React. 
  • Managing asynchronous operations and state updates. 
  • Error handling and data presentation strategies. 
Module 11: Testing in React 
  • Introduction to testing tools like Jest and React Testing Library. 
  • Writing unit tests for components, hooks, and application logic. 
  • Best practices in testing React applications. 
Module 12: Wrap-Up and Q&A 
  • Recap of key React concepts and the example project. 
  • Open session for questions and answers. 
  • Guidance on further learning resources and next steps in mastering React. 


1 Day

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