AZ-2003: Deploy cloud-native apps using Azure Container Apps 

Develop skills to deploy secure cloud-native apps using Azure Container Apps in this 1-day course.

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Course Description

In this course, learners can develop the skills necessary to configure a secure deployment solution for cloudnative apps. They explore how to build, deploy, scale, and manage containerized cloud-native apps using Azure Container Apps, Azure Container Registry, and Azure Pipelines.

Learners who take the course can build the skills they need to take the “Deploy cloud-native apps using Azure Container Apps” skills-based assessment. Those who pass the assessment by demonstrating these abilities earn the related Applied Skills credential.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for:
  • Learners who want to gain this skill set.
  • Those who want to earn the “Deploy cloud-native apps using Azure Container Apps” Applied Skills credential.
  • Azure DevOps engineers or developers who are preparing to deploy and manage containerized apps using Azure Container Apps.
Course Description

About this course


  • Get started with cloud-native apps and containerized deployment.
  • Configure Azure Container Registry for container app deployment
  •  Configure a container app in Azure Container Apps
  • Configure continuous deployment for container apps
  • Scale and manage deployed container apps
  • Guided project: Deploy and manage a container app using Azure Container Apps 

Prerequisite knowledge and experience:

  • Familiarity with cloud computing fundamentals, such as virtualization, scalability, and on-demand resource provisioning
  • An understanding of the concept of containers, their benefits, and how they differ from traditional apps and
    virtual machines
  • A basic understanding of container orchestration platforms, like Kubernetes, and their role in managing
    containerized applications
  • Some familiarity with Azure and its core container services, such as Azure Container Registry, Azure Kubernetes
    Service (AKS), and Azure Container Apps
  • Some familiarity with Azure DevOps or similar continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools for
    application deployment
  • Some familiarity with networking concepts and Azure Virtual Network

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