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AI Builder with Power Platform

 Learn how to build, train, and deploy AI models with AI Builder in this 1-day course.


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Course Description

AI Builder is a Microsoft platform feature that provides a user-friendly interface for building, training, and deploying custom artificial intelligence (AI) models without the need for extensive coding or data science expertise. Integrated with Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365, it empowers users to automate tasks and gain insights from data through AI-driven solutions. Users can leverage pre-built AI models or create their own using the intuitive interface. Common applications include form processing, object detection, predictive modeling, and OpenAI. Overall, AI Builder democratizes AI, making it accessible to a broader audience within organizations. 

Audience Profile

The AI Builder Fundamentals course is designed for those keen on understanding the myriad of solutions that artificial intelligence (AI) can offer, as well as the tools within Microsoft’s ecosystem that can be utilized to create them. 

About this course


Prior experience with AI Builder isn’t necessary to embark on this course, but a rudimentary familiarity with computer technology and the Internet is expected. 

Course Outline


  • Extract information from invoices 
  • Extract all the text in photos and PDF(docs) 
  • Extract information from receipts 
  • Extract information from identity documents
  • Extract information from business cards
  • Extract custom information from documents 


  • Detect positive, negative, or neutral sentiment 
  • Classify customer feedback into predefined categories 
  • Extract key elements from text 
  • Extract most relevant words and phrases 
  • Detect the predominant language 
  • Detect and translate 
  • Classify texts into custom categories
  • Extract custom entities 

Structured Data 

  • Predict future outcomes from historical data 


  • Detect custom objects in images
  • Extract all the text in photos and PDF(docs) 


  • Create text, summarize documents, and more 


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