Azure Mastery Bootcamps

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure with our immersive technical bootcamps designed for experienced teams 

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Targeted Skill Development for Practical Scenarios

Guide your team's training efforts towards mastering essential technical scenarios. Cultivate expertise in specific, scenario-based skill sets designed to address critical business problems and challenges commonly encountered in organizations.

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Profile Enrichment with Demonstrated Expertise

Elevate your team's professional standing by highlighting demonstrated expertise across the network. Build a reputation for undeniable value and practical skills, making a lasting impact on projects, organizations, and career trajectories.

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Interactive Assessments for Practical Proficiency

Showcase your team's proficiency through challenge-based learning. Engage in hands-on labs, completing tasks that simulate real-world challenges, ensuring the practical application of acquired skills.

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Strategic Skill Enhancement for Project Impact

Concentrate your team's focus on acquiring skills that directly contribute to impactful projects. Immerse in real-world scenarios to empower your team to make substantial contributions within the organization.

Azure DevOps

Prepare your team to design and implement DevOps processes using Azure DevOps in this 5-day bootcamp. 


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Azure Infrastructure

Your team will learn Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) best practices in a immersive 5-day bootcamp.


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Azure Cloud Native

Gain a solid foundation in building cloud-native applications using Containers, Visual Studio Code, and Microsoft Azure in this 5-day course.


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Azure OpenAI

Your team will learn how to integrate OpenAI functionalities and tools into your AI development projects in this 5-day course.


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SQL Server on Azure

Equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage SQL databases in the Azure cloud environment.


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Azure Developer

Prepare your staff to use Azure Platform as a Service offerings to build scalable, secure, and resilient applications in this 5-day bootcamp.


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Propel your team's impact within the organization by engaging in real-world Azure challenges.