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Microsoft Cloud Hack

Azure IaaS Fundamentals

Ensure Business Continuity with Azure VM Backup in a 1-day hackathon

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Course Description

You will set up a highly available virtual web server farm in Azure in this challenge. You will learn to create a virtual network with subnets for the server farm's web and data tiers, create virtual machines, and set them up as web servers to host a website. You will then design and configure a load balancer with the following resources and add your virtual machines to its backend pool to establish resiliency between the devices. You will finally configure backup for the virtual machines via a Recovery Services Vault.  


  • Challenge 1: Set up a virtual network for a server farm with two subnets.
  • Challenge 2: Create two virtual machines for a website.
  • Challenge 3: Install Internet Information Services (IIS) on each virtual machine.
  • Challenge 4: Create and configure a load balancer, and add virtual machines to the backend pool to balance web traffic.
  • Challenge 5: Configure a backup for virtual machines using a Recovery Services Vault.

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