Azure Cloud Native Mastery Boot Camp 

Gain a solid foundation in building cloud-native applications using Containers, Visual Studio Code, and Microsoft Azure in this 5-day course.You will be redirected to pay $2999.99 for enrollment.

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You will be redirected to pay $2999.99 for enrollment.

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Course Description

In this course, participants will gain a solid foundation in building cloud-native applications using Containers, Visual Studio Code, and Microsoft Azure. It covers the foundations of containerization, the development environment setup, and deployment on a leading cloud platform. Additionally, it includes hands-on labs and a challenge-based project to reinforce the learning and practical experience. 

Audience Profile 

Prior experience with C# and the .NET Framework as well as some existing experience with Microsoft Azure is strongly recommended.  

Challenge Based Projects 

The last 2 days of the class students can participate in one of two hands-on projects in an isolated Azure environment (included with the class) to give students practical immersive experience. 

Course Description

About this course

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Docker and Containerization 

  • Introduction to containerization and Docker 
  • Installing Docker on your local machine 
  • Docker architecture and components 
  • Running your first container 

Module 2: Docker Images and Containers 

  • Building Container images 
  • Using Azure Container Registry 
  • Running multi-container applications 
  • Managing containers and networks  

Module 3: Building Cloud-Native Apps with Visual Studio Code 

  • Introduction to Visual Studio Code (VS Code) 
  • Visual Studio Code and Extensions 
  • Installing and configuring VS Code 
  • Overview of VS Code extensions for Docker and Azure 
  • Setting up your development environment 

 Module 4: Developing Cloud-Native Apps with VS Code 

  • Integrating Containers within your development workflow 
  • Debugging and testing applications in VS Code 
  • Source control and collaboration with Git 

Module 5: Deploying Cloud-Native Apps on Azure 

  • Azure services relevant to cloud-native development 
  • Azure Container Apps 
  • Azure Kubernetes Service 
  • Azure App Service 
  • Deploying Cloud-Native Apps on Azure 
  • Configuring Azure for your application (e.g., environment variables, secrets) 
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines with Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions 

 Module 6: Best practices for building and deploying cloud-native applications. 

  • Security considerations in cloud-native development 
  • Building Cloud Native Apps for Resiliency 
  • Building Cloud Native Apps that Scale 

Team based projects: 

  • Project: Implementing Containers in Azure 


5 Days

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