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Microsoft Cloud Hack

Advanced DevOps Fundamentals

Learn Azure DevOps Fundamentals in a 1-day Hackathon


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Course Description

In this challenge, you will be tasked with implementing Azure DevOps. You will set up a basic Azure DevOps environment, create a sprint with work items to manage upcoming improvements, and import an existing sample application into your environment. You will also set up policies for code protection and validation. You will then set up continuous delivery and integration pipelines for an existing sample application. Finally, you will implement Zero-down-time Deployment for your app.    

Learning Objectives

Challenge 1: Configure an Azure DevOps organization and project, set up sprints with work items, add team members and import a sample application to the repository.
Challenge 2: Use Branch Policies and Build Pipelines to protect and validate code, prevent direct commits to the master branch, and automatically run tests and create artifacts.
Challenge 3: Plan and set up Continuous Deployment to an Azure Web App using Release Pipelines and a service connection to a resource group.
Challenge 4: Implement Zero-down-time Deployment by creating a staging slot, testing functionality before switching to production and automatic notification of failure.

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