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    Cybersecurity Training Aligned To Secure All Of Your IT Vulnerabilities

    Opsgility leading the industry in cybersecurity training:

    • Zero Trust Protection & Identity Endpoints
    • Threat Defense and Security with Modern Techniques
    • Secure both Hybrid & Multi Cloud Infrastructure
    • Govern and Protect Sensitive Data
    • Investigate and Manage Risk


    Enterprise Training Programs

    We provide the scale, flexibility and speed to meet your training needs worldwide.


    Certifications For Every Role

    Custom certification paths are mapped to the skills and competencies needed for member of your team.



    Master baseline skills with vendor-neutral certifications.

    CompTIA Security Catalog



    Prepare to secure the technologies and services your business relies on most.

    Microsoft Security Catalog



    Laser focus on the highest priority security threats within your organization.

    (ISC)² Security Catalog

    End-to-End Solutions Built To Your Specifications

    Meet with a Customer Success Manager and Cloud Solutions Architect to design a custom learning program to meet your needs.


    Instructor-led Training

    Enjoy dedicated team training and personalized support both in-person or virtual classrooms. Learn More.


    Cloud Hackathons

    Give your staff the hands-on skills to combat any threat your organization may face. Learn More.


    Cloud Sandbox

    Develop, test, and experiment with security solutions in a safe, non-production environment. Learn More.

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    Discover the best certification path for your role, whether you are an entry-level analyst or CEO!

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