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Microsoft Cloud Hack

Azure Dev Fundamentals

Learn Azure Dev Fundamentals in a 1-day Hackathon


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Course Description

In this challenge, you will be tasked to build a new web application using Microsoft Azure. The purpose of the app is to resize images uploaded by a user and generate them into thumbnail images. These exercises will test your ability to work with a C# Asp.Net Web Application deployed to an Azure App Service.  You will leverage your knowledge to integrate Azure storage, the Azure Content Delivery Network, Azure App Configuration, CosmosDB, and Logic Apps into the app. Additional tasks will make sure you are familiar with Application Insights and using telemetry from your applications.

Hackathon Challenges

  • Challenge 1: Build and Deploy an Azure App Service with Application Insights and handle exceptions.
  • Challenge 2: Connect app to Azure Storage Account and test image upload functionality.
  • Challenge 3: Optimize app with Azure CDN and log custom events with Application Insights.
  • Challenge 4: Integrate app with Azure Configuration Manager and Managed Identities.
  • Challenge 5: Store metadata using CosmosDB and EventGrid. 

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