Building a Chatbot with Azure OpenAI

Join us for a 2-day introductory workshop to learn the fundamentals of OpenAI in Microsoft Azure. 

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Course Description

In this two-day course, you will learn the fundamentals of building generative AI solutions using the Open AI service in Microsoft Azure and get hands-on building a chatbot in a live Azure environment. 

You will learn hands-on how to create a Q&A bot using the Azure OpenAI service for building a semantic search pipeline. This course focuses on setting up the necessary Azure services as the building blocks of a Q&A bot powered by OpenAI's most recent language models and Azure. It guides you through setting up a robust infrastructure that extracts paragraphs from your raw text documents, stores them in a text database optimized for vector search and then leverages the power of Natural Language Processing to find the information you are looking for - all from within Microsoft Azure and requiring minimal coding. 

Learning Objectives

  • Know how to build an AI-powered Q&A bot using Azure services. 
  • Understand how text embeddings can be used to find relevant passages in unstructured text documents. 
  • Have a functional Q&A service that takes your own documents as inputs and can be interacted with through a clean UI. 

Need to Train a Team?

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