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Course Description

GitHub certifications are an industry-endorsed approach to demonstrating proficiency with GitHub technologies. These certifications complement Microsoft’s existing role-based certifications, which validate knowledge of foundational DevOps and cloud development concepts. GitHub certifications are designed to validate your expertise on applying these concepts with specific GitHub products.

GitHub certifications are highly recommended for partners who plan to leverage GitHub as part of their customer’s digital transformation, modernizing web applications, or DevSecOps efforts. GitHub certifications are currently available to GitHub Services & Channel Partners and Microsoft Partner Network partners.

Course Outline

What Will You Learn?

Github Actions

This course covers the use of GitHub Actions for automating software development workflows, including authoring and maintaining workflows, consuming workflows created by others, authoring and maintaining Actions, and managing GitHub Actions for organizations.

Github Administration

This course covers the management of GitHub Enterprise for IT professionals and administrators, including supporting users, managing authentication, deploying and licensing, managing access and permissions, ensuring secure software development and compliance, managing GitHub Actions, and managing GitHub Packages. It provides hands-on exercises and practical skills for effective management of a GitHub Enterprise installation.

Github Advanced Security

The GitHub Advanced Security course teaches individuals about the advanced security features offered by GitHub, including secret scanning, dependency management, code scanning, and CodeQL. It covers best practices and how to take corrective measures when necessary. The course also covers configuring GitHub Advanced Security tools in GitHub Enterprise. The goal is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to
secure their software development process on GitHub.

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