Opsgility Cloud Sandbox

    Access Microsoft Cloud Technologies at Scale for Non-Production Workloads.

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    What is Cloud Sandbox?

    Keep Production Workloads Safe!

    The Opsgility Cloud Sandbox is a fully-managed service that allows you to provision one or more Microsoft Azure subscriptions complete with pre-defined policies, permissions, expiration time, and even pre-deployed environments.

    This makes it simple to provide access to Microsoft Azure at scale for non-production workloads such as Training, Proof of Concept Development, Customer Demonstrations and much more! 


    Bring your Demos to Life

    Deploy Cloud Based Demo Environments Instantly!

    Take the complexity of bringing demos for your application to life.
    Opsgility Cloud Sandbox can deploy any Microsoft Cloud based workload with automated provisioning, access control, and budget monitoring. 
    Free up your technical pre-sales time by creating a library of demo environments that can be spun up on the fly and shared out with your customer for evaluation.

    Organic Social Size – 2-min

    Take a Hands-On Approach to Workforce Training

    Train Your Team in an Immersive Learning Environment!

    Gain practical experience using Azure, Microsoft 365 and more in a fully controlled and isolated environment. Learners can follow step-by-step guides to build new products and services or explore the cloud on their own.

    Self-host your Microsoft Cloud hands-on labs or leverage GitHub for whiteboard designs, portal-based labs and team activities.


    Drive Efficiency in the Software Development Cycle

    Write High-Quality Code Faster with DevTest!

    Bring the development and testing phases together to increase productivity and shorten time to market with Cloud Sandbox.

    Give developers the tools to iterate faster by testing code in an isolated environment before it goes into production. This ensures code meets your organization’s quality standards while reducing bugs and system downtime.

    Never spend more than you need. Spin up environments on-demand and turn them off at will to reduce your Azure consumption bill.

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    Cloud Sandbox is AICPA SOC 2 Compliant!

    SOC 2 compliance indicates that we maintain a high level of information security when managing customer data. Cloud Sandbox is regularly audited by a third party to ensure we maintain strict compliance standards relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

    Microsoft Cloud Hackathons

    Test your team's skills in an immersive learning environment. Hackathons bring together Project Managers, Designers and Programmers to learn new skills while solving your organization's biggest issues! 

    Simplify Cloud Access With OneVenue

    Cloud sandbox integrates with OneVenue, our virtual event platform, to deliver custom virtual experiences at scale.

    Create New Solutions

    Enable the brightest internal and external talent to build new solutions for your organization. 

    Gamify the Cloud Sandbox

    Add trivia, speed networking and leaderboards to interact with your participants and drive audience engagement.

    Give Away Prizes

    Participants can win custom awards or earn Acclaim badges by completing gated challenges.

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