Microsoft Cloud Hackathons

Face real-world challenges in a hands-on guided hackathon. Hackathons are ideal to learn new technology in a team-based learning environment. Click Here  to discover 7 benefits of team-based hackathons for cloud computing.

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Train Employees

Sharpen your team's skills and enable them to succeed in a cloud-first world.

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Generate New Ideas

Brainstorm and build innovative solutions in a safe, non-production environment.

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Enhance Collaboration

Build stronger teams and improve communication by collaborating in a fast-paced environment.

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Identify Talent

Test candidate abilities while attracting the brightest talent from around the world.

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Solve Problems

Encourage employees to think outside the box to solve difficult business problems

Create custom hackathons tailored to your business

Microsoft OpenHack

Connect technical teams with experts to tackle a series of real-world challenges through hands-on experimentation

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