Microsoft Excel Expert 

Learn advanced functionality in Excel in this 3-day course.

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Course Description

The Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Expert course helps prepare students to understand advanced functionality in Microsoft Excel such as: 

  • Manage workbook options and settings 
  • Manage and format data 
  • Create advanced formulas and macros 
  • Manage advanced charts and tables 

Expert workbook examples include: 

  • Custom business templates 
  • Multiple-axis financial charts 
  • Amortization tables 
  • Inventory schedules

This course is instructor-led and hands-on for the best learning experience. Students will complete multiple projects to ensure their knowledge of Excel.  

This course will help prepare students for the Microsoft Certification Exam:  

Exam MO-211: Microsoft Excel Expert (Microsoft 365 Apps) 

Course Description

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3 Days

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