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Azure 101

Learn Azure Fundamentals in a 1-day Hackathon


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Course Description

In this challenge, you will be tasked to complete a variety of basic Azure administration tasks, which will test your familiarity with the Azure portal and common Azure services. 

Hackers will complete the following challenges:
  • Challenge 1: Create an Azure Virtual Machine by creating a new virtual machine in Azure portal and specifying a name, operating system, and size.
  • Challenge 2: Manage an Existing Azure Virtual Machine by resetting the password of the administrator account and changing the machine to a different size.
  • Challenge 3: Manage Users and Access by creating a new user and assigning permissions to that user.
  • Challenge 4: Enable Microsoft Defender for Cloud for servers in the provided Azure subscription.
  • Challenge 5: Use Azure Cloud Shell to run a command to list the virtual machines in the provided Azure subscription and output the result to a file called 'vmlist.txt' stored in the 'cloud drive'.
  • Challenge 6: Deploy an open-source WordPress app running as a Web App via the Azure Marketplace.

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