Building Software with GitHub 

Learn the foundations of Git and GitHub in this immersive 3-day training course. Enhance your software building skills with hands-on activities. 


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Course Description

In this course, students will learn the foundations of the Git client and the GitHub service. This course covers foundational concepts such as push, pull, commit to more advanced concepts such as resolving merge conflicts, and sprint planning. The course wraps up with understanding GitHub actions with a whiteboard design and hands-on challenge.  

This course is designed with several hands-on activities for an immersive learning experience. 

Course  Modules 

  • Module 1: Getting Started with GitHub 
  • Module 2: Collaboration  
  • Module 3: Resolving Merge Conflicts 
  • Module 4: Workflow Concepts 
  • Module 5: Advanced Git Commands 
  • Module 6: Sprint Planning 
  • Module 7: Setting up CI/CD 
  • Module 8: Whiteboard and GitHub Actions Challenge 

Need to Train a Team?

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