Azure Developer Mastery Bootcamp 

Learn Azure Platform as a Service offerings and build scalable, secure, and resilient applications in this 5-day bootcamp.

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Course Description

In this 5-day, class, your team will learn Azure Platform as a Service offerings in an immersive hands-on training class. Students will learn how to build or modernize applications to take advantage of cloud native services for scale, security, and resiliency.  

Topics will include focusing on core computing offerings such as App Service, VMs, Scale Sets, Kubernetes, and Azure Functions, to choosing the right storage option (SQL, Cosmos, Storage) as well as understanding event- based architectures and developing microservices.  

Audience Profile 

The Azure Developer Mastery Bootcamp class is designed for developers that have introductory or moderate experience building solutions using Platform as a Service services from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services (AWS).  

Challenge Based Projects 

The last 2 days of the class students can participate in one of two hands-on projects in an isolated Azure environment (included with the class) to give students practical immersive experience. 

Learning Styles 

  • Presentation 
  • Hands-on labs 
  • Challenge based skills. 
Course Description

About this course

Course Modules

Module 1: Azure Compute for Developers 

In Module 1, you will dive into the world of Azure Compute, focusing on how developers can leverage Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Functions. Learn how to deploy, configure, and manage virtual machines to host your applications and explore serverless computing with Azure Functions. Gain hands-on experience in optimizing your compute resources for your specific workloads. 

Module 2: Azure Storage 

Module 2 is all about Azure Storage and its various services, such as Blob Storage, Table Storage, and Queue Storage. Discover how to store and manage different types of data, from unstructured to structured, and ensure data reliability, security, and scalability. You'll also learn how to interact with Azure Storage using SDKs and APIs from your applications. 

Module 3: Azure SQL Database 

In Module 3, you'll explore Azure SQL Database, a fully managed relational database service. Learn how to design, develop, and manage high-performance and scalable database solutions on Azure. This module covers SQL Database provisioning, data modeling, query optimization, and ensuring data security and compliance in your applications. 

Module 4: Azure Cosmos DB 

Module 4 delves into Azure Cosmos DB, a globally distributed, multi-model database service. Discover how to build applications that require seamless and fast access to data across the globe. Explore data modeling, partitioning strategies, and how to use the Cosmos DB SDK to create highly responsive and reliable applications. 

Module 5: Azure ServiceBus and Event Grid 

Module 5 focuses on Azure ServiceBus and Event Grid, two essential messaging and event-driven services in Azure. Learn how to develop solutions that use Azure ServiceBus for reliable message queuing and Azure Event Grid for building reactive, event-driven applications. Explore messaging patterns, event routing, and event-driven architectures. 

Module 6: Developing Microservices 

In Module 6, you'll explore the principles and practices of developing microservices on Azure. Learn how to design and build scalable, distributed systems using containerization, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Azure Container Instances. Understand microservices architecture, API management, and orchestration to create modern, cloud-native applications. 

Team based projects (each team of 4-5 can choose one):  

  • Project: Implementing a DevOps solution 
  • Project: Building Serverless Solutions 
  • Project: Implementing Containers in Azure 


5 Days

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