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Creating a Copilot with your own data

Learn how to build and integrate advanced AI copilots into your business environments with Azure OpenAI and Microsoft Copilot Studio. 
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Course Description

Dive into the dynamic world of Azure OpenAI and Microsoft Copilot Studio in this comprehensive full-day training session, designed to empower participants with the skills to build and integrate advanced AI copilots into their business environments. This course not only covers the basics of setup and navigation but also focuses on leveraging personal data to create customized, efficient AI solutions. Attendees will engage in practical exercises to master secure data management, learn to deploy and monitor AI applications, and explore how to enhance decision-making and automate workflows using their own datasets. Ideal for IT professionals, developers, and analysts, this training offers valuable insights into the personalized application of AI in various business scenarios. 

Audience Profile

  • IT Professionals and Developers 
  • Data Scientists and AI Enthusiasts 
  • Technical Project Managers 
  • Business Analysts and Strategists 
  • AI Application Developers 
  • Cloud Technology Enthusiasts 

About this course

Course Modules

Introduction to Azure OpenAI and Microsoft Copilot Studio (1 hour) 
  • Overview of Azure OpenAI and its role in AI-driven business solutions. 
  • Introduction to Microsoft Copilot Studio, focusing on its capabilities and potential for customization. 
  • Understanding the importance of using personal or company-specific data in AI applications. 
Setting Up and Navigating Copilot Studio (1 hour) 
  • Step-by-step guide to setting up the Copilot Studio environment. 
  • Navigation through the Copilot Studio interface. 
  • Overview of importing and managing personal data sets in the Studio. 
Building Basic AI Copilots with Personal Data (1.5 hours) 
  • Creating a basic Copilot using personal or company-specific data. 
  • Understanding data integration and management within Copilot applications. 
  • Hands-on session: Building a simple Copilot with custom data. 
Lunch Break (1 hour) 
Advanced Features and Customization (1.5 hours) 
  • Deep dive into advanced features of Copilot Studio. 
  • Customizing Copilots with advanced conversational AI and personal data insights. 
  • Practical exercise: Developing a complex Copilot application using unique data sets. 
Data Security and Privacy in AI Applications (1 hour) 
  • Best practices for securing personal and sensitive data within AI Copilots. 
  • Ensuring compliance with data privacy laws and regulations. 
  • Interactive session on setting up secure and compliant data access. 
Deployment, Monitoring, and Analyzing AI Applications (1 hour) 
  • Strategies for deploying AI Copilots in diverse environments. 
  • Techniques for monitoring Copilot performance and analyzing data usage. 
  • Reviewing case studies on successful AI deployments with a focus on data-driven results. 
Q&A Session, Conclusion, and Future Learning Resources (30 minutes) 
  • Open session for questions, clarifications, and discussion. 
  • Recap of the day's key learning points and guidance on further learning resources and paths. 


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