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Power Platform Workshop

Automation in a Day

Learn how to automate your business processes and optimize efficiency with Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop in a 1-day workshop.


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Course Description

While possibilities are limitless, your time is not. This workshop is a beginner-level training designed for everyone to learn automation using Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop.

No matter if you’re a business expert or IT developer, you’ll learn to digitize business processes, connect all your applications to share data in real time, and automate and optimize your business processes. This training provides practical hands-on experience from Microsoft Power Automate Partners who specialized in creating real-world automations.

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to:

  • Use Power Automate capabilities such as Desktop flows to automate a business process.
  • Take advantage of form-processing models developed in AI Builder.
  • Use Cloud flows to orchestrate the execution of your Desktop flows.

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