Azure OpenAI Mastery Boot Camp 

Learn how to integrate OpenAI functionalities and tools into your AI development projects in this 5-day course.

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Course Description

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to AI development with a primary focus on integrating OpenAI functionalities and tools. Designed for developers already familiar with foundational web technologies, this curriculum dives deep into leveraging OpenAI’s capabilities to build AI-powered applications. 

Audience Profile 

The audience for this course includes software developers and data scientists who need to use large language models for generative AI.  

Challenge Based Projects 

The last 2 days of the class students can participate in one of two hands-on projects in an isolated Azure environment (included with the class) to give students practical immersive experience. 

Learning Styles 

  • Presentation 
  • Hands-on labs 
  • Challenge based skills. 
Course Description

About this course


  • Visual Studio Code 
  • Python for Visual Code Studio 
  • This guide walks you through installing a Python interpreter and the extension needed for using VSCode for Python development. 
  • Note: Please use version 3.10 of Python. There are issues with existing libraries. 
  • Upgrade pip to the latest version 
  • If you are seeing this error “ERROR: Could not build wheels for hnswlib, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects” then use the following link as a fix.
  • .Net 6 LTS 
  • Git installed 
  • Postman 
  • NodeJS 18+ 
  • Microsoft C++ Build Tools 

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to OpenAI and Large Language Models 

  • Provisioning Azure OpenAI Resources 
  • Creating an Azure OpenAI resource 
  • Create deployment models 
  • Embeddings 
  • Chat 
  • ChatCompletion 
  • Test the models in the Playground 
  • Model Settings and Prompt Engineering 
  • Temperature, Max Tokens, Engine, Stop Sequence 
  • Prompt Structure: 
  • System, User and AI Prompts 
  • Understanding API keys and endpoints 
  • Using the API in in Postman & cURL 


Module 2: Understanding Large Language Models 

  • What are large language models (e.g., GPT-3) and their applications? 
  • Hands-on exploration of GPT-3's capabilities 
  • Building with Large Language Models 

Module 3: Introduction into Azure OpenAI SDK’s 

  • Azure OpenAI SDKs provide streamlined access to OpenAI's AI models in Azure. 
  • Support for popular programming languages, making it accessible to a wide range of developers. 
  • Examples like JavaScript embedded demo show how to embed AI features in web applications. 
  • Comprehensive tools and demos available for .NET (C#) developers, similar to Python support. 
  • Module 4: Using the JavaScript SDK with ReactJS 

Module 4: Building a ReactJS application with Azure OpenAI  

  • Integration of Azure OpenAI JavaScript SDK is essential for interaction with OpenAI models. 
  • Design a user-friendly interface and use React's component-based architecture for user interactions with AI. 

Module 5: Azure Integration and Advanced Topics 

  • Integrating OpenAI into Azure 
  • Overview of Azure's AI and machine learning services 
  • How to use Azure Functions and Logic Apps for OpenAI integration 

Module 6: Advanced OpenAI Concepts 

  • Building Advanced OpenAI Applications 

Module 7: Deployment, Best Practices, and Use Cases 

Module 8: Deployment Strategies 

  • Choosing the right deployment methods for your OpenAI applications (e.g., Containers, Functions, VMs) 
  • Scaling and load balancing 
  • Security, Monitoring, and Best Practices 
  • Securing OpenAI applications on Azure 
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and best practices 

Module 9: Real-World Use Cases and Q&A 

  • Explore real-world use cases of OpenAI in Azure and have a Q&A session 


Team based project: 

  • Project: AI-Powered Knowledge Mining 

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