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Microsoft Cloud Hack

Building Microservices in Azure

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Course Description

The Microservices in Azure hack is intended to teach how to host, operate, and monitor Azure workloads running microservices. During this hack you will be working in Azure App Services, Container Instances, CosmosDB, and Application Insights. 

Learning Objectives

  • Build technical skills for deploying, operating, and monitoring workloads in Azure
  • Understand different Azure Services that can be employed in a microservices architecture. 

About this course


2 Days


  • Challenge 0: Pre-requisites - Ready, Set, GO! 
    • A smart cloud solution architect always has the right tools in their toolbox. 
  • Challenge 1: First Thing is First - A Resource Group 
    • All work in Azure begins with the resource group. 
  • Challenge 2: Always Need App Insights 
    • Getting Application Insights turned on and used by default. 
  • Challenge 3: Get Some Data 
    • Setting up Cosmos DB as our data store. 
  • Challenge 4: Deploying to ACI 
    • Deploying our back-end microservices as Azure Container Instances. 
  • Challenge 5: Deploy the Website 
    • Deploying our front-end microservice as a container web app running on Linux App Services 


  • Your own Azure subscription with Owner access 
  • Azure CLI (or Cloud Shell) 

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