Cloud Workshop

 Introduction to OpenAI in Azure

Join us for a one-day introductory workshop to learn the fundamentals of OpenAI in Microsoft Azure. 

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Course Description

In this technical workshop, you will get a comprehensive introduction to Azure OpenAI Service and Azure OpenAI Studio. You will learn how to create and refine prompts for various scenarios using hands-on exercises. You will also discover how to leverage Azure OpenAI Service to access and analyze your company data. Moreover, you will explore existing solution accelerators and best practices for prototyping and deploying use cases end-to-end. The workshop will end with a Q&A session and a wrap-up.

In this workshop we will cover:
•    OpenAI subscription and deployments
•    Devcontainer / Codespaces
•    Codespaces
•    Devcontainer
•    Bring your own "Anaconda"

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