Cloud Workshops Tailored to Your Business

Enable technical and business leaders to make smarter decisions with professional guidance on deployment, licensing and adoption. 

Why Microsoft Cloud Workshops?

Revamp Your Cloud Strategy to Maximize Efficiency and Productivity

Optimize Your Cloud Environment

Gain a better understanding of Microsoft Cloud Technologies and how they can be used to improve business operations.

Enhance Your Cloud Strategy

Develop a migration and adoption plans to help your organization move to cloud services quickly and efficiently.

Understand Licensing Costs & ROI

Gain insights into the costs and licensing requirements of cloud services, enabling you to make informed investment decisions.

Upskill Your IT Teams

Create custom skilling plans for your IT staff, so they can effectively manage and optimize your IT infrastructure.

Project-based Discounts

Don't miss out on the cost savings and credits

Take advantage of our Cloud Briefing and Assessment workshop and receive a credit on any project-based work when you choose Opsgility as your Cloud Service Provider.

Is Outdated Technology Slowing Your Growth?

Modernize your business with  Microsoft Cloud Workshops!

  • Azure

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams Phone

  • Power Apps & Power Automate

  • Power BI

  • Intune

  • Viva

  • Intro to OpenAI in Azure

Transform your organization's digital future with Microsoft Azure

Our expert will provide your technical staff, technical leaders, and business decision makers with a technical and business briefing on the capabilities of Azure that are most important to your organization.

After the briefing, we will work with you to assess your digital estate and provide a proposed migration plan with steps for modernizing your workloads.

Our workshop covers Infrastructure as a Service, DevOps, Security, Identity and Compliance, Platform as a Service, Storage, Artificial Intelligence, Web, Data, and Containers.

You will gain a strategic plan for migration to Azure, and optionally, a proposal for Opsgility Managed Services for your Azure environment and a skilling plan for your IT team.

The workshop can be delivered virtually or in-person at your location over 2 days.

Learn how your business can benefit from using Microsoft Teams

A Microsoft Teams expert from Opsgility will brief your team on how Teams can improve staff engagement and productivity, provide secure collaboration on company documents and data, and enable work from anywhere on any device.

After the briefing, we will provide you with a proposed path to migrate to Microsoft Teams, including guidance on deployment, licensing requirements, and adoption plan.

This one-day workshop is ideal for technical staff, technical leaders, and business decision-makers who want to improve collaboration among their staff.

You will gain technical understanding of collaboration capabilities, integration with SharePoint, Teams apps, webinars and live events in Teams, security, compliance, and business-level understanding of costs and licensing.

Optional services include Opsgility Managed Services and skilling plans for your IT team. This workshop can be delivered virtually or in-person at your location.

Experience seamless communication with Microsoft Teams Phone

Join the Microsoft Teams Phone Workshop and Assessment by Opsgility and revolutionize your team's communication.

In this workshop, our expert will provide a comprehensive briefing on how Teams Phone can enhance your team's communication experience by unifying calling, chat, meetings, calendar, and email.

We will provide guidance on compatible hardware options and modern meeting room capabilities to modernize your meetings for hybrid work.

After the briefing, we'll provide a proposed migration plan with licensing requirements and end-user training.

Empower your organization with custom business applications and automated workflows

 Designed for technical leaders and business decision-makers, our expert will provide an overview of the capabilities of Power Apps and Power Automate, along with best practices for implementation.

We'll work with you to tailor the workshop to your organization's specific needs and identify areas where automation can increase productivity.

You'll gain technical and business-level understanding of app building, data integration, automation, licensing, and optimization.

After the workshop, we'll provide you with a detailed strategic plan for implementation, and if desired, managed services and a skilling plan for your IT team.

This workshop can be delivered virtually or in-person at your location in 2-3 days, depending on your organization's needs

Unlock the power of your data with Power BI  

In this workshop, our experts will provide your team with a comprehensive overview of Power BI's suite of business analytics tools, including data modeling, reporting, and visualization.

Tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, we will help you assess your current data sources, identify gaps, and develop a migration plan to optimize your Power BI deployment.

This workshop is perfect for technical staff, technical leaders, and business decision-makers looking to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.

At the end of the workshop, Opsgility will provide your organization with a strategic plan for implementing Power BI, as well as optional managed services and skilling plans.

Available virtually or in-person, this 2-3 day workshop is an essential investment in the future of your business.

Discover how Microsoft Intune can streamline your hardware management and enhance your security posture

This 2-day workshop, led by experts in the field, provides a comprehensive overview of the service and identifies common best practices for deployment in your organization.

Technical leaders and business decision makers will benefit from a better understanding of capabilities, deployment, management, security, and compliance, as well as costs and licensing.

The workshop also includes a strategic plan for migration to Intune and optional proposals for Opsgility Managed Services and IT team skilling.

Whether virtual or in-person, let Opsgility help you optimize your hardware management and security.

Enhance your organization's employee experience with Microsoft Viva

 Learn how this comprehensive employee experience platform helps organizations connect, empower, and support their employees.

In this workshop, an Opsgility expert will provide a tailored overview of Microsoft Viva, showcase its capabilities, and discuss best practices for implementation.

Attendees will gain technical and business-level understanding of learning and knowledge management, employee insights and analytics, communication and collaboration, and wellbeing and mental health support with Viva Topics.

The workshop also includes a detailed strategic plan for implementing Microsoft Viva, and optional services for managed support and customized skilling plans for your IT team.

 This workshop is ideal for HR leaders, IT professionals, and business decision-makers who want to leverage Microsoft Viva to enhance their organization's employee experience. Delivery options include 2-3 days virtually or in-person at your location.

Learn the fundamentals of OpenAI in Microsoft Azure.

 This technical workshop will provide an introduction to OpenAI and an overview of Azure OpenAI Studio. Participants will be prompted to complete engineering exercises and use OpenAI to access company data. They will also learn about embedding solution accelerators and prototyping one use case from start to finish. The workshop will conclude with a Q&A and wrap-up.

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