AZ-2002: Develop an ASP.NET Core web app that consumes an API  Course

Learn to develop an ASP.NET Core web app consuming an API in this course. 

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Course Description

In this course, developers learn how to implement code to perform HTTP operations and render the results in an ASP.NET Core web app. They explore how to gather needed information from a documented API, implement HTTP clients, and perform data operations through an API. They also learn how to render the results of those operations in an ASP.NET Razor Pages web application.

Learners who take the course can build the skills they need to take the “Develop an ASP.NET Core web app that consumes an API” skills-based assessment. Those who pass the assessment, by demonstrating the ability to develop an ASP.NET Core Razor Pages app that consumes an API to retrieve, create, and update data, earn the related Applied Skills credential. 

Audience Profile

This course is intended for:
  • Learners who want to gain this skill set.
  • Those who want to earn the “Develop an ASP.NET Core web app that consumes an API” Applied Skills credential.
  • Anyone interested in ASP.NET Core development.
  • Developers.
Course Description

About this course


  • Explore ASP.NET Core APIs
  • Document an API by using Swashbuckle
  • Explore HTTP clients in .NET Core
  • Perform HTTP operations in Razor Pages
  • Explore Razor Pages project structure
  • Discover Razor Pages syntax

Prerequisite knowledge and experience:

  • Experience writing C# at an intermediate level
  • Ability to write HTML at an intermediate level
  • Experience developing ASP.NET Core Razor Pages by using Visual Studio Code
  • Knowledge of RESTful services and HTTP action verbs

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