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    Prepare Your Team To Succeed

    IT pros need to keep their skills current in a constantly evolving industry. CompTIA certifications ensure skills meet the needs of the industry and organization. Save time and resources by using certifications to evaluate candidates. Feel confident that your staff has the competencies to get the job done.

    Core Skills Certifications

    Build the foundation for a thriving career in IT with our core skills certification that covers a broad spectrum of topics, including operating systems, networking, security and more.

    Who are these exams for?

    • Entry-level certifications for foundational IT knowledge
    • For Candidates with 0 - 3 years of education or experience

    Infrastructure Certifications

    Earn these CompTIA certifications to gain the skills to excel in IT operations. Without IT infrastructure, a functional business just isn’t possible.

    Who are these exams for?

    • Early to mid-career level certifications
    • For candidates who have at least 18 months of general IT experience, and at least 9 months in their field of expertise

    Cybersecurity Certifications

    Pair core skills series with cybersecurity certifications to gain the hands-on ability to protect organizations from cyberattacks and threats.

    Who are these exams for?

    • Mid-career to advanced level certifications
    • For candidates who have at least 3 years of hands-on information security or related experience

    Additional Professional Certifications

    Elevate your career with professional skills that provide career support in areas like project management and training.

    Who are these exams for?

    • Specialized professional skills
    • CompTIA’s professional certifications cover versatile skillsets that help take careers to the next level

    Feel confident that your staff has the skills to get the job done!

    Meet with a Customer Success Manager and a team of training experts to design a high-quality employee training and development program around your needs and resources. Together, we will define your training objectives, build custom courseware around your workflows, and select the best delivery methods to prepare your staff to succeed in their roles.