Course Overview

The CompTIA DataSys+ (DS0-001) certification exam certifies that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to deploy, manage, and maintain databases, including employing the fundamentals of scripting and programming in a database environment while using security and business continuity best-practices.

CompTIA DataSys+ ensures learners have skills around:

  • Database Fundamentals - A solid understanding of database structure types and the ability to develop, modify and run code provides the groundwork for database administrators to gather, store, and drive data assets.
  • Database Deployment - Compare and contrast the different aspects of database planning and design and explain the various phases of the implementation, testing, and deployment of collected data.
  • Database Management and Maintenance - Understand the purpose of monitoring and reporting database performance, explain common database maintenance processes, and produce critical documentation. 
  • Data and Database Security - Secure databases, protect against attacks, and control authorization while ensuring governance and regulatory compliance.

Exam Domain FC0-U61:

DA0-001 % of Exam
1.0 Database Fundamentals
2.0 Database Deployment
3.0 Database Management and Maintenance
4.0 Data and Database Security
5.0 Business Continuity