Certifications to Kick Off Your Cybersecurity Career

      You want to make a career change. You have been drawn to exploring a cybersecurity career. Since you do not have any cybersecurity experience, you want to gain the knowledge that can get you an interview for entry-level cybersecurity positions. How can this be accomplished? What certifications in cybersecurity will look good on a resume to get you noticed?

      10 Reasons to Earn A Cybersecurity Certification

      Here are 10 things you can get from earning a cybersecurity certification from Microsoft, CompTIA or (ISC)² with Opsgility.

      Opsgility Offers 20 New Cybersecurity Certification Courses

      Opsgility Partners with Microsoft, CompTIA and (ISC)² to Deliver Industry Leading Cybersecurity Certification Training! 

      Taking the next steps in a cybersecurity career

      You will learn about the next level of cybersecurity certifications.  These certifications require some experience in cybersecurity and cloud technologies to be successful.  Some of these also require a level of validation of this experience to formally be awarded with the certification.

      The Best Offense is a Good Defense

      There are layers of protection to consider within a technology infrastructure. This is known as “defense in depth”. There are typically seven layers to build a security program and protect organizational data.

      Azure Active Directory

      While Azure Active Directory (Azure AD, or AAD) shares a similar name to Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), there are many aspects and properties that are very different from the Windows-based platform. Azure AD was designed with the distributed public cloud...

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