Course Overview

As organizations scramble to protect themselves and their customers against privacy or security breaches, the ability
to conduct penetration testing is an emerging skill set that is becoming ever more valuable to the organizations
seeking protection, and ever more lucrative for those who possess these skills. In this course, you will be introduced to
general concepts and methodologies related to pen testing, and you will work your way through a simulated pen test
for a fictitious company. This course will assist you if you are pursuing the CompTIA PenTest+ certification, as tested in
exam PT0-001.

Exam Domains

PT0-001 % of Exam
Planning and Scoping 17%
Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification 22%
Attacks and Exploits 18%
Penetration Testing Tools 12%
Reporting and Communication 11%


PT0-002 % of Exam
Planning and Scoping 14%
Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning 22%
Attacks and Exploits 30%
Reporting and Communication 18%
Tools and Code Analysis 16%
*Prices Subject to change without notice