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Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

In this course, students will learn how to support and configure Windows desktops in an organizational environment. Students will develop skills that include learning how to install, customize, and update Windows 10 and later operating systems. Students will learn how to managing storage, files, and devices as well as how to configure network connectivity for Windows. Students will also learn how to secure the Windows OS and protect the data on the device. Finally, students will learn how to manage and troubleshoot Windows clients.

Audience Profile

Candidates for this exam are IT professionals who perform installation, configuration, general local management and maintenance of Windows 10 and later core services. Candidates may also be familiar with enterprise scenarios and cloud-integrated services.

Course Outline

Install Windows client
• select the appropriate Windows edition
• prepare hardware for installation
• perform a manual clean installation
• plan and implement an upgrade from a previous version of Windows
• customize a Windows client installation by using the Windows ADK
• configure activation and troubleshoot activation issues

Manage and use Hyper-V on Windows client
• create and configure virtual machines by using Hyper-V
• manage virtual hard drives
• manage virtual networks
• configure Hyper-V settings
• configure and manage checkpoints
• enable and use Windows Sandbox

Configure Windows settings
• configure system settings
• manage user interface in Windows 10 and Windows 11
• configure Microsoft Edge
• configure language and region
• configure and troubleshoot connections to printers and other devices
• configure Windows client by using provisioning packages
• configure startup options
• configure and manage services
• install and configure optional features

Configure networking and access
• configure client IP settings
• configure mobile networking
• configure VPN client by using built-in tools or Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK)
• configure and manage certificates on client devices
• troubleshoot client connectivity

Configure and manage storage
• configure local storage
• configure OneDrive on Windows client
• optimize local drives by using Disk cleanup or Storage Sense
• configure file and folder permissions

Perform system and data recovery
• troubleshoot boot and startup processes
• recover Windows client
• recover files
• create and manage restore points
• restore from restore points

Manage Windows updates
• configure updates
• configure Windows delivery optimization
• control updates by using group policy settings
• configure updates by using Windows Update for Business
• troubleshoot updates

Configure remote management
• configure Remote Desktop
• configure Windows Admin Center
• configure PowerShell remoting and Windows Remote Management
• configure remote assistance tools including Remote Assist and Quick Assist

Monitor and manage Windows
• configure and analyze event logs
• monitor and manage performance and reliability
• configure scheduled tasks
• manage registry

Manage users, groups, and computer objects
• manage local users
• manage local user profiles
• manage local groups
• manage Microsoft accounts on Windows client
• enable users and groups from Active Directory to access Windows client
• join computers to Active Directory
• configure sign-in options
• manage credentials by using Credential Manager
• configure user account control (UAC)
• implement and manage Local Administrator Password Solutions (LAPS)

Configure and manage local and group policies
• troubleshoot local policies and domain group policies on Windows client
• configure and manage local and group policies, including security policy, user rights
assignment, and audit policy
• configure Windows client settings by using group policy

Manage security settings on Windows client
• implement Bitlocker
• configure and manage Windows client firewall
• manage virus and threat protection
• manage application and browser control settings

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