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    While most organizations are adopting the cloud, they often have different reasons for doing so. In this episode of Thinking Cloudy, Jonathan Tuliani will discuss the different benefits that cloud adoption can bring to an organization. These range from cost savings and cost transparency to agility and time to market, to security and compliance, to enabling new scenarios through global reach and new technologies such as Big Data and AI. Fully understanding the potential benefits from cloud adoption enables you to better define your short-, medium- and long-term cloud strategy, and align your stakeholders on a shared vision.

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    Jonathan Tuliani

    Jonathan Tuliani

    Jonathan was a 9 year Microsoft veteran, spending over 5 years in the Azure Engineering team, where he was Principal Program Manager for both Azure DNS and Azure Traffic Manager, as well as contributing to various other Azure features. Jonathan has 20 years experience in the IT industry, in roles spanning development, product management, technical pre-sales, and program management.

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