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    An organization is expected to provide an environment where information is available from anywhere at any time for users. The growth of cloud technologies has provided a means and a challenge to organizations as they enrich the accessibility of information and applications.

    This presentation will provide guidance on how to enable best practices within the organization to secure data and application access through the tools provided within cloud environments. These best practices will allow an organization to excel in the ability to provide an expanded ability to enrich the user experience and attract talent with the availability of information while maintaining organizational confidentiality and integrity.

    About The Author

    Dwayne Natwick

    Dwayne Natwick

    I am a vision-driven and goal-focused leader with a history of successfully managing and training on the full life-cycle of Cloud and IT products and services including technical sales and marketing. I author blog articles, curriculum, and provide training for internal and external clients in workshop, video, or certification preparation formats. I currently manage the product strategy, life cycle, and service offerings for Multi-Cloud Services at NTT.

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