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    Building cloud-native is a whole new paradigm compared to on-premises capabilities. Microsoft Azure's platform as a service (PaaS) offerings allow you to quickly build scalable and highly available applications in a fraction of the time then you could before. In this expert talk, we will explore best practices for architecting or modernizing applications in Azure using a variety of technologies such as serverless technologies with Functions and Logic Apps, as well as modern data services such as SQL Database and Cosmos, and finally some of the common compute options including Web Apps and Containers.

    About The Author

    Andrew Conniff

    Andrew Conniff

    Andrew started in the IT field working on UI for a large application while completing his B.S. in Information Technology. From there he went on to support two start-ups, one in UI and the other in rules and routing for a large Population Health offering. After a few years, Andrew went on to work as a Senior Developer on a  Modern Apps team. This is where Andrew gained a passion for cutting edge technologies in Cloud Solutions, Big Data, as well as creating Proof of Concept applications and How-to labs, building early versions of many (now) common technologies.

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