Azure Virtual Conference

Data in the Cloud

In this session, Brian discussed the evolution and growth of data in the cloud. He covered the increase in sources feeding raw data to cloud storage and what we need to do as businesses and consumers to protect data.

About The Author

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Brian Nielsen,
Senior Cloud Architect

I am a results-oriented and accomplished IT professional with comprehensive experiences spanning more than 26 years overseeing various multinational organizations’ technology-related strategies and initiatives for organizational growth. I am adept at working with management to prioritize activities and achieve defined project objectives; able to translate business requirements into technical solutions effectively. I have a strong background in developing plans, architectures, and processes for the organization, with a solid understanding of project management, change management, and business operations. I have exceptional knowledge of both Microsoft, Azure, Google, and Open Source software. I am an excellent communicator and public speaker, well-versed in current technological trends, and familiar with a variety of business concepts. I can meet ever-changing technology needs with innovative and up to date solutions

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