Instructor-led Training

Course Description

In this workshop, you will look at the process of implementing a modern application with Azure services. The workshop will cover event sourcing and the Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern, data loading, data preparation, data transformation, data serving, anomaly detection, creation of a predictive maintenance model, and real-time scoring of a predictive maintenance model.

Course Outline


  • Review the customer case study
  • Design a proof of concept solution
  • Present the solution


  • Deploy a factory load simulator
  • Use Azure Machine Learning to train and register a predictive maintenance model
  • Create an Azure Function to send event telemetry to Cosmos DB
  • Enrich event telemetry with predictive maintenance results
  • Enrich event telemetry with automated anomaly detection
  • Send scored telemetry data to PostgreSQL
  • Modernize services logic to use event sourcing and CQRS
  • View the factory status in a Power BI report