Instructor-led Training

Course Description

In this whiteboard design session, you will learn how to design a solution with a combination of Azure Resource Manager templates and Azure DevOps to enable continuous delivery with several Azure PaaS services.

At the end of this workshop, you will be better able to build templates to automate cloud infrastructure and reduce error-prone manual processes. In addition, you'll create an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to provision Azure resources, configure continuous delivery with Azure DevOps, configure Application Insights into an application, and create an Azure DevOps project and Git repository.

Course Outline


  • Review the customer case study
  • Design a proof of concept solution
  • Present the solution


  • Create an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template that can provision the web application, SQL database
  • Create Azure DevOps project and Git Repository
  • Create Azure DevOps build pipeline
  • Create Azure DevOps release pipeline
  • Trigger a build and release
  • Create a feature branch and submit a pull request