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Red Hat Jboss Data Virtualization Development (Jb450)

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Course Description

This course teaches database developers and administrators how to model data sources and virtual entities such as tables, views, and procedures. Through hands-on labs, you will learn how to deploy these virtual entities for JDBC and web service consumption. This course can also help certification candidates in their preparation for the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Data Virtualization Exam (EX450). 

About this course

What You'll Learn

  • Modeling data sources 
  • Modeling a virtual base layer 
  • Creating virtual databases (VDB) 
  • Modeling unions, joins, and virtual procedures 
  • Modeling and deploying web services 
  • Server administration 
  • Developing client applications 

Who Needs to Attend

  • Database administrators 
  • Database developers 

Course Outline

Classroom Live Outline 

  1. Introduction to Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization 
  • Install Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization 
  1. Model data sources 
  • Model connections to data sources and the Teiid server 
  1. Create a virtual base layer (VBL) 
  • Model a VBL on top of data sources 
  1. Create virtual databases (VDB) 
  • Create and deploy a VDB 
  1. Create view models with a union 
  • Model combined projections 
  1. Create view models with joins 
  • Model joins between tables (sources) 
  1. Create virtual procedures 
  • Model virtual procedures 
  1. Produce XML results 
  1. Server administration 
  • Manage the data services server 
  1. Create materialized views 
  • Utilize materialized views when appropriate 
  1. Restrict access to a virtual database 
  • Implement access restrictions to the elements mapped in a virtual database 
  1. Access a virtual database in an application 
  • Access virtual databases in a Java application 

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