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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (Rh318)

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Course Description

Learn to use the virtualization features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as you prepare for RHCVA certification. 

In Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RH318) experienced, RHCSA-level system administrators will receive extensive hands-on training in how to use the virtualization features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as managed through the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) suite. You will use RHEV to create and centrally manage highly available virtual systems in the enterprise in a massively scalable manner. 

RH318 also prepares you to take the Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) exam (EX318). 

About this course

What You'll Learn

  • Create, deploy, manage, and migrate Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machines hosted on either dedicated RHEV-H hypervisor nodes or Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers using RHEV-M 
  • Install and manage RHEV-H hypervisor nodes 
  • Install, use, and maintain the web-based RHEV-M management console 
  • Create and manage virtual images and NFS or iSCSI storage pools storing guest images and snapshots 
  • Maintain high availability of virtual machines 
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization architecture 

Who Needs to Attend

  • Experienced Linux system administrators responsible for managing enterprise servers who are interested in learning how to more efficiently manage large numbers of servers or virtual machines using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • RHCSAs interested in earning RHCVA certification 

Course Outline

  • Deploy Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization platform (engine and hosts) 
  • Secure RHEV environment with multilevel administrative roles 
  • Configure RHEV environment (data centers, clusters, storage domains, and networks) 
  • Install, manage, and troubleshoot virtual machines 
  • Create virtual machine snapshots and manage images 
  • Use templates for rapid virtual machine deployment 
  • Monitor and create custom reports 
  • Migrating virtual machines and explore high availability options 
  • Support tools available to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host to diagnose problems 

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