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Red Hat Certificate Of Expertise In Enterprise Deployment And Systems Management Exam (Ex401)

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Course Description

The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management exam (EX401) tests candidates' knowledge, skills and ability to use 

Red Hat-supported products, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat Network Satellite to deploy and manage systems in an efficient, scalable, replicable, and reliable manner. 

This exam is a performance-based evaluation of systems deployment and management skills and knowledge. Candidates perform a number of systems administration tasks focused on configuring Red Hat Network Satellite and Red Hat Subscription Asset Manager and then use those systems to deploy client systems. Candidates are evaluated on whether they have met specific objective criteria. Performance-based testing means that candidates must perform tasks similar to what they perform on the job. 

An RHCE who passes this exam will have earned a Red Hat Certificate of Expertise that also counts towards earning Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA). 

About this course

Who Needs to Attend

  • To help you prepare, the exam objectives highlight the task areas you can expect to see covered in the exam. Red Hat reserves the right to add, modify, and remove exam objectives. Such changes will be made public in advance. 

Candidates should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Configure Red Hat Network (RHN) Satellite server
  • Create child channels of a base channel
  • Create different types of RHN users
  • Create groups and add group administrators
  • Create configuration channels
  • Create a custom RPM spec file and build a binary RPM from provided source code
  • Upload custom RPMS to an RHN Satellite server
  • Create activation keys
  • Assign groups, software channels, and configuration channels to an activation key
  • Configure errata
  • Provision RHN Satellite Server clients using kickstart
  • Set up an SVN version control repository
  • Kickstart a machine using Cobbler
  • Manage virtual systems using RHN Satellite server
  • Clone channels and use a cloned channel

Who Needs to Attend

System administrators responsible for managing large enterprise environments RHCEs interested in pursuing Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) 


Red Hat recommends that candidates earn Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) or Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) before attempting this exam but neither is required. 

Exam candidates should

  • Be Red Hat Certified System Administrators or have comparable work experience and skills (Red Hat Certified Engineer would be even better) 
  • Have taken the Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management (RH401) course or have extensive work experience working with Red Hat Satellite Server 

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