DP-601T00: Implementing a Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric

Build your foundational skills in data engineering on Microsoft Fabric in a 1-day course.

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Course Description

This course is designed to build your foundational skills in data engineering on Microsoft Fabric, focusing on the Lakehouse concept. This course will explore the powerful capabilities of Apache Spark for distributed data processing and the essential techniques for efficient data management, versioning, and reliability by working with Delta Lake tables. This course will also explore data ingestion and orchestration using Dataflows Gen2 and Data Factory pipelines. This course includes a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises that will prepare you to work with lakehouses in Microsoft Fabric.

Audience Profile

The primary audience for this course is data professionals who are familiar with data modeling, extraction, and analytics. It is designed for professionals who are interested in gaining knowledge about Lakehouse architecture, the Microsoft Fabric platform, and how to enable end-to-end analytics using these technologies.


About this course

Course Outline

  • Azure Stack Hub
  • Manage Azure Stack Hub Marketplace
  • Offer an App Services resource provider for Azure Stack Hub
  • Offer an Event Hubs resource provider for Azure Stack Hub
  • Manage usage and billing for Azure Stack Hub
  • Prepare for Azure Stack Hub deployment
  • Manage infrastructure certificates for Azure Stack Hub
  • Manage Azure Stack Hub registration
  • Manage multi-tenancy for Azure Stack Hub
  • Manage access for Azure Stack Hub
  • Manage system health on Azure Stack Hub
  • Azure Monitor on Azure Stack Hub
  • Manage capacity for Azure Stack Hub
  • Update infrastructure for Azure Stack Hub
  • Manage Azure Stack Hub by using privileged endpoints
  • Plan and configure business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Offer services for Azure Stack Hub
  • Azure Stack Hub PowerShell
  • Datacenter integration for Azure Stack Hub


Successful Azure Stack Hub students have prior experience with operating systems, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, storage structures, and networking:

  • Understanding of on-premises virtualization technologies, including VMs and virtual networking

  • Understanding

of network configuration, including TCP/IP, Domain Name System (DNS), virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalls, and encryption technologies

  • Understanding of Active Directory concepts, including domains, forests, and domain controllers

If you are new to Azure and cloud computing, consider: AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals


This will be a virtual event hosted on Microsoft Teams. In the Microsoft Teams platform and sessions, your name, email address, or title may be viewable by other participants. By joining this event, you agree to this experience. 

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