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Camel Development With Red Hat Jboss Fuse With Expertise Exam (Ad422)

Learn how to develop, implement, test, and deploy enterprise integration patterns (EIP)-based applications using Apache Camel in a 5-day course. 

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Course Description

This course gives Java developers and architects an understanding of Apache Camel as well as the enhancements and tools that Red Hat offers in support of Camel development. 

This version of the course includes the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Camel Development Exam (EX421). The exam tests candidates' abilities to create and maintain enterprise integration services based on Red Hat JBoss Fuse Camel framework and application programming interfaces (APIs).  

About this course

What You'll Learn

  • Architecture
  • Understanding Camel routes
  • EIP processors
  • Graphical route editing and monitored execution
  • Components (out-of-the-box and custom)
  • Enterprise integration via Fuse Fabric
  • Threading
  • Transactions
  • Testing

Who Needs to Attend

  • Enterprise Java developers who are familiar with service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles and are responsible for integrating enterprise applications.
  • Enterprise SOA architects with some Java development experience and knowledge of enterprise integration. 



  • Introduction to Camel
  • Developing Camel applications using Maven and Fuse IDE
  • Processors and components
  • Threading and transactions
  • Enterprise support via Fuse Fabric
  • Custom components

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