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Courses to Prepare for Azure Certification | 25% Off Extended through the End of June 2019!
Many organizations encourage their staff to validate their skills by passing a certification exam. Opsgility has been in the Azure Certification Business for a long time, as a matter of fact, we literally wrote the book on it. Microsoft has selected Opsgility to author the official Microsoft Press Exam Ref books for AZ 103!

Courses on Azure for Business Professionals
Digital transformation affects all areas of an organization. Whether you are a decision maker tasked with building a cloud strategy, a sales manager or professional tasked with selling solutions focused on Azure, or a professional that will be using or running projects in Azure, it is important to get your skills ramped up for success.

Courses on Azure for Architects
The cloud brings with it a new set of challenges including application design, security and compliance. Your architects must understand how to design a solution using a combination of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Containers, as well as emerging technologies like IoT, Block Chain and much more.

Courses for Azure Administrators
Azure IaaS is the foundation of cloud computing. Your cloud experts must be proficient at deployment and managing virtual machines, virtual networks, and security to migrate to Azure and to truly get the benefits of IaaS. Beyond deployment, the ability to automate using infrastructure as code is critical to truly take advantage of the cloud.

Courses on Azure for Data Professionals
The options available for organizations processing data in the cloud are numerous. Opsgility provides offerings designed to help your existing SQL Database Administrators ramp up on new relational technologies such as Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse, as well as training on building Big Data and Analytic solutions on Azure.

Courses for Azure Developers
Azure makes it easy to build new applications that can scale globally on-demand with minimal management overhead by using platform as a service (PaaS) services or Container technologies. To create these new cloud native apps requires a new set of skills for your developer teams. Our experts have created several courses that can accelerate your developers into the modern cloud age.

Courses for Azure DevOps Engineers
Automation and DevOps are key investments any organization should make to ensure they are getting the most of out of their cloud investment when it comes right sizing and optimization as well as ensuring shorter product development cycles and increased release velocity. Opsgility offers several courses that cover different aspects of automation and DevOps methodologies in Azure.