Training Services

    In addition to our public training schedule and dedicated course offerings our company provides services that range from custom curriculum development, to training program management and high scale training deliveries.

    The following are examples of our delivery capabilities. Please contact us to see how we can assist your training initiative.


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    Training Program Management

    Our innovative event platform and highly trained technical and project management staff can help you deliver training programs that range from extremely high-touch white-glove support to highly scalable training deliveries that can reach 10's of thousands of attendees at once.

    Instructional Design and Content Development

    Instructional Design and Content Development

    Opsgility Microsoft Cloud Subject Matter Experts have years of experience creating innovative instructional content such as hackathons, whiteboard designs, hands-on labs, presentations, and demos, as well as expertise in the ecosystem of 3rd party ISV solutions to provide you with a superb content development experience that can cross boundaries for real-world solutions.

    Microsoft Global Partner Solutions

    We are partnered with the Microsoft GPS team to host highly scalable training events such as Microsoft Certification Week, Azure Cloud Week, Microsoft Security Cloud Week, and the Microsoft Cloud Launch program as well as many dedicated events for Microsoft partners. These events range from 100s of attendees to 30k+.

    Our services include event hosting and management with OneVenue as well as technical training delivery.

    Read the case study.

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    Microsoft OpenHack

    We collaborate with Microsoft to deliver the OpenHack program by providing project management services, content development, onsite or virtual OpenHack delivery, and the platform that attendees and coaches use to access their OpenHack.

    Microsoft Software and Systems Academy

    Opsgility is a key training partner for this 17-week program that assists transitioning veterans to build the skills they need to successfully move into the fast-paced IT industry

    Hackathon Hosting and authoring

    Hackathon Hosting and Authoring

    The Opsgility Cloud Sandbox offers managed Azure and licensed-based subscriptions for an integrated hackathon experience.

    Using our services simplifies access to subscriptions for your attendees without the need for Azure passes as well as automatically deploying workloads to jumpstart your hackathon.

    We offer custom content hosting in addition to pre-built hackathon content for the cloud and integrated Credly Badge Issuance