The 3 C's of Microsoft Teams

📆 September 27th | 🕚 10 AM CT

with Shari Oswald - Microsoft Immersion Experience Facilitator

Group 5288-min

What we will cover

Most people see Teams as the tool they use to Communicate using Chat or Calls, but Communication is only ONE of the 3 C's of Microsoft Teams!

In this session we will explore what we call the 3 C's of Teams:

  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Content

You will walk away with a completely different view of the capabilities at your fingertips that are available for you in Microsoft Teams!

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About the author


Shari Oswald

They call me Shortcut Shari...Why? I believe we should all work smarter, not harder and I love keyboards shortcuts. I've been using SharePoint since before it was even called SharePoint and I'm excited to share my knowledge and expertise who are as excited as technology as I am. I know stuff and I love to SHARE it!

My focus is the "People Side of Change". As a Microsoft 365 Solutions Architect and Consultant that grew up right along with SharePoint, my practical knowledge of the Microsoft Productivity stack coupled with my passion for empowerment via learning makes me an excellent resource as a consultant and evangelist for Microsoft 365. My philosophies for information architecture and SharePoint design are centered on solving business challenges with technology and ensuring usability and adoption for the organization.

As for my experience, I'm a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Microsoft Certified Specialist Master, consultant, presenter, author and evangelist. When I'm not architecting SharePoint magic as a consultant, I'm in the classroom or creating online learning. Join me for my sessions, I promise they will not only be informative, but they will also be FUN!

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