ReactJS Developer Course 

Master React and become a successful web developer with our hands-on, project-based ReactJS in a 3-day Developer Course. 


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Course Description

 Learn to leverage the power of React in this hands-on, project-based course. This course will take your team from the absolute basics to building scalable, sophisticated web applications. You’ll learn all the latest ReactJS concepts - Redux, React Router, server-side rendering, JSX, events, Webpack, and much more with practical examples. The objective of this ReactJS certification training course is to make you a successful web developer with mastery over React. 

Course Description

About this course

Couse Outline

Module 1: Introduction To ES5 & ES6 

  • ES5 ES6 
  • ES5 VS ES6 
  • ES5 VS ES6 Syntax Difference   
  • ES6 Advantages 

Module 2: Introduction To React JS 

  • Introduction to React JS 
  • History of web development History of React 
  • DOM (Document Object Model) DOM Manipulation 
  • Virtual DOM 
  • How does React use Virtual DOM Virtual DOM vs Real DOM 
  • Thinking in React 
  • React one - way data binding React two - way data binding One way vs two-way data 
  • binding 
  • Difference b/n one - way data binding & two - way data binding 
  • Server-side Rendering 
  • Advantages of using server-side rendering 
  • Advantages of React.JS 
  • When to use React JS? And when to opt for alternatives? 
  • Applications of React.js 

Module 3: Installation and Setup 

  • Installation Setup React JS React JS environment Setup 
  • Using the Create-react-app Command Node Package Manager 
  • Default vs Named Exports 
  • Lets Start Coding Hello World Program 
  • React vs Angular vs Vue 
  • How to Connect React JS with NodeJS 

Module 4: Building Blocks of React.JS 

  • Core Building Blocks of React Components 
  • State and Props Rendering 
  • Conditional Rendering What is JSX 
  • Example Why JSX 
  • Advantages of JSX Expressions in JSX 
  • Internal Implementation of JSX 
  • Hands-on: Creating a react component with jsx 

Module 5: Elements & Functions in React JS 

  • Rendering Elements in React.JS 
  • Hands-on: How does render function work and update DOM  
  • Hands-on: Styling and CSS 

Module 6: Components in React JS 

  • What are Components in React JS Types of Components 
  • Functional component Class Component 
  • Functional component vs Class Component Creating Class Components 
  • Creating Functional Components 
  • Converting Functional Components to Class Components 

Module 7: Programming in React JS 

  • What are Props 
  • Lets Practice Props 
  • What is State in React JS 
  • ReactJS(Diff Props vs State) Why Props are Read-only 
  • Composition of React Components Stateless Component 
  • Stateful Component 
  • When would you use a stateless Component  
  • When would you use a stateful Component 
  • Stateful Component vs Stateless Component 

Module 8: Composition of ReactElement 

  • Composition of ReactComponents 

Module 9: Understanding Lifecycle Methods 

  • What are lifecycle Methods and what are the uses of it Constructor 
  • Render 
  • Should component update Render 
  • ComponentDidUpdate 

Module 10: Programming in ReactJS 

  • Passing props to child components 
  • Updating state of React JS component 
  • What is the significant of SetState function 

Module 11: Event Handling 

  • Events 
  • Event Handling 

Module 12: Conditional Rendering 

  • Conditional Rendering in React JS Logical && Operator 
  • Switch case operator 
  • Conditional Rendering with enums 

Module 13: Conditional Rendering 2 

  • Switch case operator continuation  
  • Conditional Rendering with enums 

Module 14: Preventing Rendering 

  • Preventing component from rendering How to connect ReactJS with Node JS Backend Setup 
  • propTypes 
  • getDefaultProps 
  • Binding the context( Inline) 
  • UI without ReactJS & Problem 
  • How the ReactJS solving the problem  
  • Binding the context( Inline) 

Module 15: List & Keys 

  • References 
  • When to use Refs 
  • When not to use Refs How to Create Refs 
  • How to access Refs 

Module 16: Controlled vs Uncontrolled Components 

  • Controlled component 
  • UnControlled component 
  • Controlled vs Uncontrolled components in React JS 

Module 17: Composition vs Inheritance 

  • Inheritance 
  • Using composition in React with Example Practice on Composition & Inheritance 
  • Difference b/n Composition & Inheritance 

 Module 18: Advance Topics in React JS 

  • What is context API? 
  • When to use the context API How to use the Context API Fragments 
  • Why we use Fragments? Fragments short Syntax Keyed Fragments 
  • Higher-order components 

Module 19: Redux Overview 

  • Redux Overview Flux 
  • Flux Elements Dispatcher Stores 
  • Views Actions Flux Pros 
  • Connecting Redux and React What is Redux? 
  • Why use Redux with React. js? Redux Architecture? 
  • Redux Principles Redux Components What is Redux Store 
  • Action Middleware 
  • What is a Reducer? 

Module 20: Router 

  • Router 
  • Advantages of Router Router Setup 

Projects Covered

Live sessions include demonstrations of real-time industrial projects to help trainees gain hands-on working experience. 

Project 01 - Data Read and Write – Parsing Data - Login & Register - Auth 

Concept of user authentication, with registration using Routing. 


  • Form Validations Data Writing 
  • Data Reading into Json Verifying Login Auth 
  • CRUD Operations 

Project 02 - Fetch Live News with Routing 

A React & react-router-powered implementation of Hacker News using its Firebase API. 


  • Hacker News Firebase API 

Project 03 - A counter-App using React.js 

This application is like the shop cart products adding to cart. 


  • Adding, 
  • Removing, Deleting, 
  • Resetting products 

Which reflects in the total number of products into our shopping cart.  

This is an the app, useful to understand the 

  • React Components, States, 
  • Data Flow, 
  • Parent to child etc. 

Project 04 - Working on Image Compressor for Gallery Showcase 

A simple image compressor built with react and browser-image-compression. 


  • Compress Image By Reducing Resolution and Size 
  • Offline Compression 

Built With: 

  • ReactJS 
  • React Bootstrap 
  • Browser Image Compression 

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