Mask Group 25-min

Course Description

This course will prepare learners to Organize and Produce a Microsoft Teams Live Event virtual event. Learners will be educated on best practices in setting up and executing a live event. They will learn how to prerecord video with OBS, and playback on OBS through Virtual Webcam/NDI on Microsoft Teams Live Event. In the last section, the learners will be educated on driving engagement and accessibility and best practices for events, and have an opportunity to ask any questions of the presenter. 

Mask Group 24-min

Who Should Take This Course?

Successful students will have general experience in Microsoft Teams and its navigation. Some experience or knowledge of video production or streaming would be helpful, but not mandatory. 

About This Course

This will be a virtual event hosted on OneVenue and running on Microsoft Teams. In the Microsoft Teams platform and sessions, your name, email address, or title may be viewable by other participants. By joining this event, you agree to this experience. 


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