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IC-001T00: Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

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Course Description

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare ILT is a course that is an essential step in your learning journey. It’s designed to empower you to implement Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. It will give you an initial idea on the main scenarios from healthcare industry and how the solution solves for each scenario. The course will help you to understand each of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare solution capabilities and practice configuring them for the scenarios. The course will also give you a jump start on Azure Health Data Service configuration and scenarios.

Audience Profile

This course is designed for individuals willing to learn Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. It will benefit a range of roles from industry experts such as Healthcare engineers, informaticist and those who are involved with healthcare IT. It is also targeting Power Platform, Azure and Microsoft 365 solution architects who are willing to expand their skillsets to implement Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Course Syllabus

What Will You Learn?

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare overview

  • Learn about the current healthcare trends and demands.
  • Discover the basics of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.
  • Learn about priority healthcare scenarios and featured capabilities of the solution

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare data model

  • Learn about Common Data Model.
  • Learn about the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare data model.
  • Learn about Common Data Model extensibility.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare training environment preparation

  • Describe the dependencies of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare
  • Obtain trial licenses for dependent products
  • Obtain trial licenses for Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare
  • Configure environment to deploy Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare
  • Assign security roles

Manage healthcare data with Care Management in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

  • Explore the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare data model.
  • Navigate the Care Management application.
  • Create a new location record for Lamna Healthcare Company.

Patient outreach in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

  • Create a patient segment.
  • Create a marketing email.
  • Create a patient journey.
  • Create a virtual healthcare marketing event.

Home health in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

  • Create a bookable resource.
  • Configure the schedule board.
  • Use care management components with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile app.

Azure Health Bot in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

  • Set up Azure Health Bot
  • Configure Dynamics 365 Customer Service Omnichannel live chat
  • Embed Azure Health Bot in a Power Apps portal
  • Extend Azure Health Bot with custom scenarios

Enable patients to access the Patient Access portal

  • Set up and navigate the Patient Access portal.
  • Create and set up agent scripts to show in the Productivity pane.
  • Create and set up knowledge articles.
  • Experience an escalation scenario from the Healthcare Patient Portal through Microsoft Azure Health Bot into Patient Service Center.

Virtual visits in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

  • Set up the Virtual Clinic app
  • Set up Microsoft Teams for virtual visits
  • Schedule a virtual visit in the Patient Portal

Introduction to Azure Health Data Services

  • Explore interoperability challenges of health and life sciences data.
  • Describe the core global health data standards that Azure Health Data Services supports today.
  • Examine the tools and connectors that comprise Azure Health Data Services and the benefits that they provide. 

Health data and FHIR

  • Identify types of FHIR resources.
  • Identify resource elements, structures, and hierarchy.
  • Learn about the FHIR RESTful API framework.

Work with medical imaging data and DICOM

  • Learn why DICOM standards are important.
  • Explore the DICOM standards and DICOM service.
  • Review the use case for radiology data in cancer treatment with examples.

MedTech service with IoT devices

  • Enable IoT data scenarios for remote patient monitoring.
  • Ingest data from devices.

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