Cloud for US Government
We work with agencies and their partners to accelerate their
utilization of cloud computing with Microsoft Azure and
ecosystem technologies.

Opsgility for US Government...

Government agencies and associated contractors that are committed to staying ahead of state and federal cloud consumption policies like the 'Cloud First' initiative of 2011.
Agencies that need a better understanding of Microsoft Azure or Office 365 platforms and how they can be utilized to reduce costs and maintenance associated with traditional networks, servers, storage, applications, and service

Agencies that are committed to undergoing an agency-wide digital transformation operationally and must re-skill their workforce accordingly.

We develop working knowledge of Azure's governance, security protocols, operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices

We are a true training partner that can create new training classes, revise content, and grow with your organizational skill needs; as consumption of cloud-based solutions increases and additional workforce are on-boarded within the organization.

Easy to follow customized training roadmaps for the individual job roles within the organization, and a matching training curriculum to support role-based skill growth and increased overall knowledge.

We utilize only seasoned and certified professionals with real-world experience to deliver training in an interactive classroom setting.
"We are Azure experts that offer training, not a training company that happens to offer Azure courses."

Michael Washam - CEO

Organizational Skills

We'll work with your team to identify your technical roadmap and where your organizations skills need to be to align with your cloud computing goals

Role-specific Skills

Based on the organizational assessments, we'll work with your team to identify role-specific knowledge and skills needed to meet digital transformation goals in that area


We assist in the process of conducting skills assessments for each potential user of the cloud solutions that are part of your infrastructure

Readiness Planning

We partner with your learning team to deliver readiness planning that offers the most efficient blend of learning options for your team to meet their learning objectives

Training Delivery

We deliver live, instructor-led training and on-demand, self-paced labs and courses from introductory levels to advanced/expert. No skill level or learning need is above the content we can provide

Measured Success

Instructor-led training has been proven to be the catalyst for improved efficiencies, fewer errors, and increase in the overall cloud utilization contribute to the organizational return on the investment (ROI) of time, money,and human resources associated with your training spend

Continuous Learning

Opsgility is a true training partner that will provide ongoing skills training, technical community management, and ongoing mentorship to support your organizational growth as new hires are brought into the organization.

Technical Community Management and Ongoing Mentoring

Opsgility subject matter experts can provide the accurate information, skills development, etc. needed to manage and grow your technical community as well as provide on-demand mentoring from our team of experts.

  • Adhoc Virtual Training from our Cloud Subject Matter Experts
  • Managing and grow communities on Yammer, Slack, Microsoft Teams