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Understanding the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

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Interest in the cloud continues to grow. Many organizations are looking to adopt and migrate applications and data to Azure to reduce capital expenses and costly data centers. As administrators, architects, developers, and engineers, what are you doing to keep up with the accelerated organizational adoption of cloud technologies? How do you guide your organization toward cloud adoption? In this episode of Thinking Cloudy, Shannon Kuehn and Dwayne Natwick will explore the stages of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure to help speed up digital transformation. After this discussion, you will have a better idea of how you can build a roadmap to adopting Azure cloud services.

About The Author

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Shannon Kuehn

A self-described tinkerer, Shannon worked with technical mentors and colleagues who have helped her develop proficiencies in infrastructure. From her initial roots in help desk, to Windows systems administration, to VMware administration, to Exchange, to Exchange Online/Office 365, and finally Azure, she has carefully combined the right levels of technical prowess to propel her into her role at Microsoft. Shannon is currently a Cloud Advocate on the Enterprise Tools and Platform team, which rolls up to the broader Methods and Practices team. She focuses on evangelizing the Azure VMware Solutions platform as a way to get IT pros comfortable with the cloud.

About The Author

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Dwayne Natwick

I am a vision-driven and goal-focused leader with a history of successfully managing and training on the full life-cycle of Cloud and IT products and services including technical sales and marketing. I author blog articles, curriculum, and provide training for internal and external clients in workshop, video, or certification preparation formats. I currently manage the product strategy, life cycle, and service offerings for Multi-Cloud Services at NTT.

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