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    The global environment has made a significant adjustment to many organizations in 2020. With the increased number of employees working from home, the ability to govern security, user access, and collaboration have become more complex. In this Expert Talk, we will address how administrators can utilize governance policies to provide users with the ability to collaborate and access what they need to be productive, while also maintaining a secure and auditable security posture to your organization. You will leave this session with a complete view of the remote user environment and how an administrator can create, monitor, and manage policies and compliance to corporate and regulatory requirements.

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    Dwayne Natwick

    Dwayne Natwick

    I am a vision-driven and goal-focused leader with a history of successfully managing and training on the full life-cycle of Cloud and IT products and services including technical sales and marketing. I author blog articles, curriculum, and provide training for internal and external clients in workshop, video, or certification preparation formats. I currently manage the product strategy, life cycle, and service offerings for Multi-Cloud Services at NTT.

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