Azure Durable Functions with Chaining, Fan-out and Human Interaction

Azure Durable Function supports long running business workflow by serializing runtime data during Await operations. In this session, we will go over common Azure Durable Function use cases with C# code to better understand how Azure Durable Function can be used to solve idle-loop challenges.

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Victor Chin

Full Stack DevOps Trainer with 25 years of IT industry experience. With specialties in Data Management, .Net Development and Infrastructure that spans on-prem, hybrid and cloud. Victor has delivered numerous customized courses to some of the largest corporate clients in the world covering topics from Network Security to Enterprise Architecture Design. Started with Novell/Windows and Linux in the 90’s, Victor has continued to this day dedicated to keeping up with the latest technology. Along the journey, Victor has worked with Windows Server technologies, Database Management, both relational and non-relational from Microsoft and Oracle. In addition, he has also worked closely with TDD and Agile development practices using Microsoft’s VS Team Services and Toolings to enable rapid dev/test/deployment automation. He has also worked extensively with Enterprise Software architectures that are based on SOA and implemented using Biztalk, WCF and REST Services.